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Investor Relations

Mildred Drake Family Trust 

MDFT was looking for a firm that could provide communications, public relations and investor relations.

Crawford Communications supports MDFT with the corporate  communications and investor relations that allows for an accurate and effective channel of communication between the trust and its partners or the public. As their agenda expands, Crawford Communications will be supporting MDFT with public relations.  

Business Meeting

Branding & Public Relations

Drake Development Partners

Drake Development Partners, a newly formed project development firm, needed to establish corporate branding and messaging. Crawford Communications is providing the company with the proper brand messaging and presence to ensure that future clients can place their trust in DDP to develop projects. As the business accomplishes milestones, Crawford Communications will be securing press/media placement. 

Business Meeting

Corporate Communication

Lionsgate Business Consulting Co.

LBCC was looking for a company that could take their corporate agenda and assist in execution. Crawford Communications is dedicated to the dissemination of information to key constituencies, the execution of corporate strategy and the development of messages for a variety of purposes inside and outside the organization


Public Relations

Pluto Tech Inc.

Pluto Tech is a leader in IT-based Software Development & Marketing focused on helping IT companies to increase their business globally. Crawford Communications provides public relations support while assisting in any corporate communications needs on an as needed basis. CC consistently looks to assist Pluto Tech Inc. with their public messaging strategy. 

Touchscreen Computer

Corporate Communication

Northeastern Management 

Northeastern Management sought out a firm to assist with the transition of an acquisition. Crawford Communications provides corporate communications and investor relations support as this company goes through a structural change. The company also looks to become a leader in a niche market with CC spearheading the strategizing and execution of this initiative. 

Social network concept


Stacy Daniella

Stacy Daniella, a well known Instagram model, was looking to expand her portfolio. Crawford Communications provides Stacy with branding, social media strategizing and influencer marketing. As her brand grows we look to provide her with press placement. 

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