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Crawford Communications was formed in 2017. As a boutique communications and public relations firm, we specialize in innovating and integrating targeted communications and marketing strategies. We look to assist brands, companies and public figures engage their audience in a modern way.

Through the use of analytics and strategic planning, our firm can assist with all of your communications needs. We look to provide our clients with a unique experience that highlights their brand. We are in the business of connecting people with different experiences. 


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Brooke Crawford


Brooke Crawford is a seasoned Corporate Communications Strategist with over a decade of experience working in the industry. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing effective strategies that help companies and high-profile individuals share their stories and achieve their business objectives.

As the founder and CEO of Crawford Communications LLC, Brooke is committed to driving the growth and success of her company. Under her leadership, the company has become a trusted partner to a diverse range of clients, delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional results.

In addition to her work at Crawford Communications LLC, Brooke also serves as the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) and Vice President Communications for the Mildred Drake Family Trust. In this role, she is responsible for managing multiple projects in foreign countries and bridging communications between third world countries and the United States through initiatives that enhance economic, social, and cultural development.

Brooke is a skilled communicator with a proven track record of building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. She is a collaborative problem solver who excels at identifying new business opportunities, generating leads, and managing budgets and financial forecasts.

Prior to founding Crawford Communications LLC, Brooke worked as a Freelance Public Relations Consultant, where she honed her expertise in corporate event planning, corporate communications, crisis communications, digital and social media relations, government/political relations, image consulting and rebuilding, investor relations, and online reputation management.

Brooke holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations/Image Management from Seton Hall University. She is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America and regularly participates in industry events and conferences.


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